I'm guessing you've stumbled here because you're tired of struggling month on month to hit your big goals?

In total honesty, you're sick of trying to do it on your own because let's face it, everyone's telling you to do something different. (*eye roll*)

SPOILER ALERT: It's WAY easier (+ way more fun) to build a successful business when you have the support + accountability from someone who's done it before you! That's the truth! 



Ready to turn your passion into an online Empire...

This is what's possible for you over the next 60 days:

  • 5K+ Months, while serving soulmate clients that you absolutely love

  • Say good bye to jobs that no longer serve you + go FULL TIME in your thriving biz

  • Create your own success story, one that you're ridiculously proud of, instead of reading everyone else's + wishing it was you

  • Work from anywhere you desire, cute cafes, the beach, you name it! (NO BORING OFFICES!)

  • 4 hour work days + the rest of the day spent having fun, doing the things you love
    (yoga, shopping, you name it)

  • Clients who absolutely adore you and always see your worth (aka most likely more than you're charging now sister!)

  • Having way too much fun, always! (I mean a stupid amount of fun just showing up online every day, doing what you love!)




So, Why am I your girl?

Well, I've been known to up my client's confidence like WOAH, and some even
call me the Mindset Queen! 

I know what it feels like to have amazing ideas, be super ambitious, and really want to make it all come to life, yet feel like I'm spinning in circles with very little clarity. 

Things didn't take off for me until I really got the support + accountability that I needed. 

It took me a little bit to really understood how this online space works, and how to really use my Marketing background, along with my strong passion for Mindset + Confidence Coaching. When that all came together, nothing could stop me! 

I have since earned 17K months + bought a house! Things are very different, and I want to help you achieve success like I have.

I don't want you to waste your precious time spinning in circles, trying to figure it all out on your own!




✔ 1 x  30 Min coaching call to kick off our mentorship.
I will review your current marketing, visibility and business strategy + set you up with a solid action plan to hit your first 5K month and beyond over the next 60 days together! (My eyes all over your biz!)

 5 x 45 Min coaching calls to dive deep into strategy to set you and your biz up for cont'd success

✔ DAILY voice + text support (Monday- Friday) so that you can really get the support that YOU need in between our calls (a support system in your back pocket)

✔  WORKBOOKS to help you dive deeper, gain clarity and get the direction you need to take big steps in your biz

 Deep Mindset work, uncovering what's holding you back in your business so the only path you will be on is the one towards success (big, bold, scary action is what I'll help you take!)

✔ Unlimited Email Support throughout our time together so that you can send your work for me to look over + give feedback


5 Week Self Study Money Mindset Course
 - valued at $333 -



Facebook Ads Training
- valued at $149 -



What will we focus on during our 60 days?

This mentorship is very custom depending on where you're at in your business, but some topics you can expect to cover include:


- Powerful Mindset Techniques to start attracting the success you desire
- Uncover the blocks that may be holding you back from the bank account you know is possible

- Identify and get clear on who your soulmate client is, so that you know what it's

- create a visual brand that both you and your ideal clients are head over heels in love with

- share your story in a way that creates a strong community full of trust + connection

- design a website (or tweak the one you have) so that it's strong, and creates the sales you're looking to create in your business

- get professional photos done to up level your online presence like woah

- create free value that your clients can't get enough of

- get your email marketing up and running with a freebie they can't resist

- build a Facebook group/ email list/ social media following that loves everything you put out

- strategies to grow your community daily so that your business is always growing to the next level

- learn how to sell your services/ products with total conviction without feeling "salesy"
- create an online marketing strategy unique to you and your business for long term growth


6A8A7957 copy.jpg


"I am not the same person I was when I first started working with Tonya.

In just 2 months she was able to help me uplevel my confidence to where I have total faith that, "Everything always works out for me, #duh!" (they don't call her the Mindset Queen for nothing!)

She has a knack for weaving mindset work with business strategies and I would recommend her to any woman who is either just getting started with her business or is ready to stop the struggle and step into greatness."

Christina Chalmers, Aromatherapist
and Heart + Soul Coach




If you're like my client Christina, and you want both the mindset and strategy work...

Let's do it! 






2 Monthly Payments of $1700 USD

Remember, if you're here. You know it's time to do something BIG.

Click the payment option below that best suits you:


Have Questions?

Only 2 Spots Available!



"Working with Tonya has been absolutely life changing for me. When I first started working with her, I was completely unfocused with the direction I wanted to take my business and was struggling with gaining traction.  

I have been able to completely revamp my brand, create programs for my clients that I am obsessed with and have finally solidified a business I love.

My mindset and business is completely transformed and I feel like I have everything I need to go forth in the world and be the business woman I always envisioned I could be. I highly recommend working with Tonya if you want to up-level your entire life!" 

Audane Leger; Blogger & Blogging Coach




"Working with Tonya over the past few months has completely transformed my life. My confidence has grown and now I have the tools for continued growth. She is brave, which has inspired me to really dig deep and overcome by own challenges."

- Noelle; Nurse/Athlete


"Enrolling in Tonya’s money mindset course was life changing. Even before I started signing clients or making money in my business, she taught me how to trust money again and invite it into my life. 

Not even two weeks later, I signed my first two clients and blew my money goal out of the water! 

I know it was because I knew how to accept that money into my life and how to help others do the same.

Then only two weeks later I made another $7200 in my business. To say I am shocked and feeling blessed is an understatement."

Megan Cahak; Success Coach



Excited, but still have some questions? 

Book your free discovery call below.
We can chat about what's going on, and what's holding you back from where you want to be in your biz.

It can be so scary to take the leap but I found it even scarier thinking about staying where I was for another 6 months or year, do you feel the same way?

I am so excited that you've gotten to this point because it means you're serious about your future. So, congrats on that!

Can't wait to connect further and begin your 60 Day Biz Transformation.
If you're just as excited, book your free discovery call now.


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