Are you tired of being the ambitious babe with BIG dreams
BUT little money in the bank?!

LET'S BE HONEST, YOU know you’re relationship with money is a bit of a messy one …




This course Was created to help WOMEN like Y O U

transform THEIR beliefs and relationship with money,

so that THEY can finally turn those BIG dreams iNTO A REALITY.





  • Going to bed each night with total peace of mind
    (no more dark circles from stressing over $)

  • Feeling worthy of money … and I'm talking A LOT of it.

  • Being able to INVEST in yourself and your biz!
    FINALLY being able to hire that mentor you’ve been EYEING)

  • Being EXCITED when you look at your bank account...
    because the number you see makes you HAPPY!

  • Attracting money easily + effortlessly.

  • FINALLY paying off that debt! (*CUE HAPPY DANCE*)

  • Going out for nice dinners + treating your loved ones
    (simply because you can AND BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!)



Are you ready to drop the struggle ONCE AND FOR ALL?!

 If so, Aligned Abundance was designed JUST FOR YOU!



Listen to what became possible for Megan:


“My money story is filled with distrust of money and heartache. Every month I overdrafted, every month I would barely make enough to buy groceries and every month I had to say "No" to a date night with my husband or even a dress for my little girl. I knew when I started my business I had a bad relationship with money and knew I had to fix that before I could really live an abundant life. I knew I had to correct my money mindset, because even if I would start making more money I still didn't trust I would have enough.

Enrolling in Tonya's money mindset course has been life changing. Even before I started signing clients or making money in my business, she taught me how to trust money again and invite it into my life. Not even two weeks later, I signed my first two clients and blew my money goal out of the water! I know it was because I knew how to accept that money into my life and how to help others do the same. Then only two weeks later I made another $7200 in my business. To say I am shocked and feeling blessed is an understatement. I know the money coming into my life now is because Tonya taught me how to trust that i will always have enough, that I AM worthy of making more than barely getting by and that I CAN have the life of abundance I've always wanted.

I highly recommend you invest with Tonya and correct your money mindset, especially if you feel the same way I used to feel. You do deserve more and the universe has your back. I made back my investment + an additional 10k...  and I've never been more grateful!”

- Megan Cahak



I know all about it. I've been there.
I thought struggling and feeling anxious about money was normal.

I was constantly worried about money. I was living paycheck to paycheck and watching a lot of my close friends and family do the same. I hated talking about money, it gave me huge anxiety!

It was bad. I hated opening up my mail, because I was afraid it was more bills, more debts etc.

I had this crazy belief that wealthy people either knew the "right" people, went to school for many years, came from money... or simply just got lucky.

I constantly got nudges to do more travelling, shop at higher end stores, give back to charities etc.
... but it was ALWAYS the lack of finances that stopped me.

*Insert Money Programs, Books, Mentors +
A LOT of Personal Development*

Everything began to SHIFT!

I remember struggling to find the money to pay for a money course. It was a little ironic.

I took the leap, found the money to invest in myself and quickly fell in love with the concept. 

I had so much more trust in my financial abilities instead of constantly worrying there would never be enough.

I immediately began attracting unexpected money (more taxes back), winning free things (6 weeks at a Kickboxing Studio), finding money around my room (old purses etc.).

I quickly understood the importance of investing in yourself.

So, I invested in Money books, then hired a high- level business coach (which I would of never previously done), and started aligning myself with income streams that really excited me.

My business took off, I tripled my corporate income in under 6 months (aka a 10k month), and finally felt in control of my finances.

Over the past year, I have become obsessed with learning from as many Money Gurus as possible. I can truly say that my external success in my biz has been highly dependent on my internal beliefs. 

I no longer believe that it has to be this or that. I can be wealthy + still give back. Making more money means I get to live my life helping as many people as I can, while enjoying things like (hecking bucket list trips off my list, spending $1500 to treat my boyfriend to a VIP convert, and so much more.

It's time for me to give back, and share everything I have learnt about MONEY, with you.

The goal of this course is to help you get out of my own way, and start earning and attracting the money you desire SO MUCH FASTER than you think possible!

You deserve to book the bucket list trip, go to concerts, out for dinners, or simply whatever your heart is craving.


Signing up for Tonya’s aligned abundance money course honestly changed my life forever. I know that may sound a little dramatic, but it is 100% true. Before Tonya’s money course I hated checking my bank account, my life felt so cluttered, I HATED money, I was always envious of people who had money and I had poor spending habits.

Now? When I check my bank account there is no stress or anxiety, I am best friends with money, I applaud and celebrate those who make money, AND I am one of those people who makes money!
I felt an immense amount of doubt and fear about signing up for her course, but I am a huge believer in feeling the fear and doing it anyways. The moment I signed up I felt relief, which was so strange! How could I feel relieved when I was spending MORE money?! Because I knew this purchase was different.

Fast forward about 6 weeks later, I decided I was going to go to Disneyland in July and there would be nothing stopping me. You know what I did? I manifested $1,100 in 72 hours! Yep, you read that right.
— Paige Sifton, Lifestyle + Success Coach


Ready to change your Money Story and learn to manifest everything you desire?


Course Details:


It's time to set yourself free from feeling like a financial HOT MESS. 

Get ready to completely declutter and clear space financially, emotionally + physically, so that what you desire (new clothes, new clients etc.) FINALLY has THE space IT NEEDS to enter your life

Let's call this week a heart- centered reality check where you get real with your finances!


Let's create thoughts that attract 10k months instead of the ones that scream "I'm broke"!

Learn how to use powerful language that acts as a money magnet. Get clear on those juicy goals + desires that your heart has been screaming for (hello, those beautiful shoes in the window are meant to be on YOUR feet... not on the mannequin!)

Let's connect some emotion to those dollar bills because emotion triggers bold, brave action + that's what it takes to get rich. ($$)


Design your abundance map!

This last module is all about faith, gratitude, upgrading your life, and celebration because that's the energy that calls in the big dollars.

Here's to bringing your manifestation process all together + feeling like a complete badass, worthy of all her financial goals.

Here's to hundreds + thousands of unexpected dollars coming your way, like never before!

create new empowering beliefs that align with your goals!

IT’S Time to uncover your most raw + honest beliefs around money, so that you can release them and create NEW beliefs that support your 10k months, bucket list trips, and anything else you've been having to say NO to!


Take inspired action + step into the successful babe you are NOW. 

The law of attraction is a powerful thing, and this week you begin to truly align with it. You learn how to trust money so that your financial desires ACTUALLY show up for you.

When you step up + get out of your comfort zone, the universe sees you and rewards you for trusting in it. (If you want the 5k/ 10k  months, I'll show you how to show the universe you're ready for it)




“I started coaching with Tonya in her 4 week group program. Immediately, I was busting through blocks and shifting my mindset around money and other things.
I saw a complete difference after just ONE WEEK of doing her exercises.
People were showing up out of nowhere to work with me; I had others saying they had been seeing my content and were saving up to work with me or just HAD to work with me; my group was getting DAILY requests, out of nowhere, even when I wasn’t promoting; and I was getting more and more engagement on my posts.

I decided to work with Tonya 1:1, and on our first call, Tonya immediately got to what was blocking me, she pinpointed limited beliefs and blocks that I hadn’t even realized existed!
She gave me incredible action to take to help me bust through those blocks, continue to increase my money mindset, and help me narrow down my ideal client even more. Two days later, I had my very first $10k day and week (and month - after I had revamped my business to target a new ideal client that I felt more aligned with).”
I’m so excited, lots of cool things happening sine starting this course!
- I was able to say no to potential investments without beating myself up about not being “smart with money”!

-I manifested a totally affordable coach AND a free trip/cruise to the bahamas! WHAT!?
- I made an offer to my list and my group that I feel fantastic about, and I KNOW that they’re going to take me up on. (In fact, I got out of bed at 1:00am and wrote it and sent it. I was already in bed but the idea popped up and I was like THIS IS IT)

-I re-opened my gym membership. I missed it. I admitted I closed it out of shame. I paid the big up front fee so my monthly bills wouldn’t be as high. And I feel great about it!

Anyway — an abundance mindset is new to me but lots of growth happening here. <3 Yay!




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