BUT you're tired of being the girl with big dreams +
little money in the bank! (Am I right?)

You're in luck, gorgeous soul!



How would it feel to...

  • Pay your bills with gratitude instead of anxiety
  • ♡ Buy yourself nice things totally guilt-free

  • Feel worthy of money (lots of it)
  • Trust that you're always being supported, because you have a new found loving relationship with money
  • Earn money with ease and flow rather than feeling like it has to be hard
  • Feel totally aligned with abundance?!



My name is Tonya, I am a Mindset and Success Coach for New Female Entrepreneurs who are super ambitious and know they are meant for MORE. 

I know how important Mindset work has been for my clients and for myself, but what I have continuously noticed over the past year, is that women are afraid to go BIGGER because of MONEY.

There seems to be so many fears around money including,  investing in yourself at a high level,  not being able to earn enough money in your biz, afraid no one will invest in your programs and so much more! (does this sound like you?)


Well... with that being said, I felt called to create a course that will help your shift your Mindset and get you into total alignment when it comes to your confidence around being
a Wealthy, Vibrant Female Entrepreneur!




I was there just over a year ago. I know all about it. I thought 'struggling' financially was normal.

I was constantly worried about money. I was living paycheck to paycheck and watching a lot of my close friends and family do the same. I hated talking about money, it gave me huge anxiety!

It was bad. I hated opening up my mail, because I was afraid it was more bills, more debts etc.

I had this crazy belief in me that wealthy people either knew the "right" people, went to school for many years, came from money... or simply just got lucky.

I constantly got nudges to do more travelling, shop at higher end stores, give back to charities etc.
... but it was ALWAYS the lack of finances that stopped me.

*Insert Money Programs, Books, Mentors +
A LOT of Personal Development*

Everything began to SHIFT!

I remember struggling to find the money to pay for a money course. It was a little ironic.

I took the leap, invested in myself and quickly fell in love with the concept. 

I had so much more trust in my financial abilities instead of constantly worrying there would never be enough.

I immediately began attracting unexpected money (more taxes back), winning free things (6 weeks at a Kickboxing Studio), finding money around my room (old purses etc.).

I quickly understood the importance of investing in yourself.

So, I invested in Money books, then hired a high- level business coach (which I would of never previously done), and started aligning myself with income streams that really excited me.

My business took off, I tripled my corporate income in under 6 months, and finally felt in control of my finances.

Over the past 6 months, I have become obsessed with learning from as many Money Gurus as possible. I can truly say that my external success has been highly dependent on my internal beliefs. 

It's time for me to give back, and share everything I have learnt about MONEY, with you.

The goal of this course is to help you get out of my own way, and start earning and attracting money the money you desire SO MUCH FASTER than you think possible!



Are you ready to dive into the course?
Start by repeating the quote below 3 times over... 



I believe with my whole heart:

You must be aligned with abundance in every cell of your body in order to truly experience massive financial abundance in your life.

What does this mean?

It means you must be aligned with your core values, live your precious life with purpose and intention + feel gratitude and love on a daily basis.

When your soul is aligned with love, purpose, and value, abundance will flow into your life with ease.

It is when you are out of alignment, that money feels hard + stressful.

Good news is, this course is all about getting you into total alignment, so that you can experience an abundant life with ease. 




so... What does the course cover?


It's time to Set yourself free from chaos. 

Get ready to completely de-clutter and clear space so that you can show the universe you're ready for more money. Until you learn how to show your truly ready for it, it won't show up.

Let's call this week a heart- centered reality check!


Become purposeful + highly intentional.

Learn how to use powerful language, set clear goals, and do work with the intention and purpose of feeling in alignment with your highest vision.

You must always know where you're going, ad move from a place of intention.



Release and Realign. 

Let's end the self sabotage! This module is all about analyzing your current beliefs around money, so that we can create NEW beliefs aligned with your BIGGER VISION. 

Out with the old, in with the new!


Take inspired Action. 

It's time to make the magic happen! Learn how to feel successful NOW, so that you can start to attract the life you truly desire. Focus on new habits!

The law of attraction is a powerful thing, and this week you begin to truly align with it.


*Bonus Module*


Design your abundance map!


Bring it all together, and you're destined for success and total ALIGNED ABUNDANCE!



To recap, this course covers: 


Goal Setting 

Core Values

Analyzing your current financial patterns

Your relationship with Money

Trust + Faith





Here's what my clients have said...

I started coaching with Tonya in her 4 week group program. Immediately, I was busting through blocks and shifting my mindset around money and other things. I saw a complete difference afer just one week of doing her exercises. People were showing up out of nowhere to work with me; I had others saying they had been seeing my content and were saving up to work with me or just HAD to work with me; my group was getting DAILY requests, out of nowhere, even when I wasn’t promoting; and I was getting more and more engagement on my posts. I decided to work with Tonya 1:1, and on our first call, Tonya immediately got to what was blocking me, she pinpointed limited beliefs and blocks that I hadn’t even realized existed! She gave me incredible action to take to help me bust through those blocks, continue to increase my money mindset, and help me narrow down my ideal client even more. Two days later, I had my very first $10k day and week (and month - after I had revamped my business to target a new ideal client that I felt more aligned with). And, a day after our call, I also got invited to speak at an empowerment conference. Working with Tonya is incredible. She knows her shit (pardon my French). She is able to pinpoint what you need immediately. She gives you steps to take to help you with any issues you are having.
— Jessica Rose- Business, Clarity & Mindset Strategist & Attorny for Entrepreneurs
Tonya’s Heart Centred Expansion Program was an incredibly powerful program for anyone looking to discover the unconscious beliefs, fears and blocks that hold us back from achieving our dreams. Tonya has a way of asking the tough questions while also making you feel so totally supported and safe in her presence you are able to look inside yourself and find the answers. Since completing the program and adopting a consistent daily mindset practice, I have noticed a huge shift in my confidence, belief in my gifts and trust in the universe.
I highly recommend Tonya and her program to anyone looking for help with creating a positive mindset so you can live the life of your dreams!
— Eleanor Hackett Papp- Life and Mindset Coach for Mothers
I took Tonya’s 4 Week Mindset Program (Heart Centered Expansion), and it was so intense but SO powerful. I loved how she had workbooks and assignments for us to really work through some deep beliefs holding me back. The first week was so much fun and got me thinking in terms of my dreams in a way that they started to feel not only possible, but completely doable as well as practical. She is such a powerful and committed coach and I am lucky to be in her presence. The way she gets really excited about your progress and she gets really amped up about the goals you set for yourself is really empowering. She truly cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed. When we got to the second two weeks, the workbooks really dug deeper than I had ever gone before and got me understanding just how much our past experiences still affect us in the present and how they shape our experiences now. I always knew that from my own studies, however, the journaling prompts she gave were so powerful and took me into a deeper understanding that allowed me to finally heal those experiences and let go of those beliefs. Since taking her program, I feel much clearer, much more capable and I have a bigger and better life direction and purpose for my next year. My favorite part is that it got me feeling capable of it all and it helped me to believe in everything I have to offer. I broke out of my comfort zone in a huge way by doing live videos for the first time in my business, mind you I was scared of this for years and I will never look back. I will never be playing small in my life after her program.
— Nichoel Ann- Life Trasnformation Coach



When does it start?

This course starts on Monday April 17th.


How do we receive access to the work?

You will be emailed login details, which you will then use to login to the membership site.
Modules will be emailed to you weekly (every Monday for 5 weeks).

What type of support does it include?

You will have access to a Private Facebook Group (Aligned Abundance 1.0), where you can ask your questions, celebrate your wins and engage with other Ambitious, 'Aligned Abundance' Members! I will be in this FB Group Monday- Friday answering your questions + supporting you to reach new levels of financial abundance!


What type of content will we receive?

Each module will include a Video and an Exclusive Workbook with lots of self-mastery.


Who is it for?

It's for any ambitious female entrepreneur (or aspiring to be), who feels their finances and beliefs around money are what's holding them back from achieving much bigger results in their life. They have big dreams of being a wealthy, vibrant entrepreneur and are ready to put fear aside and take the next step to making it happen!



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Gorgeous, it's time to


Love + Abundance


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