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1:1 Coaching

Your success has
everything to do with YOUR MINDSET.


1:1 Coaching

Your success has
everything to do with YOUR MINDSET.

Hey There! I'm Tonya.

I help high achievers (like you) retrain your brain for BIGGER success. 

You're here because you're a born leader obsessed with personal growth. I know because I'm just like you. 

You're a dreamer, but you're ALSO a doer. You're not afraid to get uncomfortable and put yourself out there in order to hit your goals. 
You know deep down in your heart that you're here to do big things, yet sometimes you get caught up in the self doubt that YOU can really achieve THAT level of success. One of your best qualities is that you're not afraid to ask for help. You know the power of having someone in your corner who challenges you, who pushes you out of your comfort zone, and who inspires you to see the greatness within you,
when you can't.


Picture having a best friend by your side who celebrates your wins, and a coach who pushes you past your limits... 


I come from a sports background, and I know first hand how important it is to have a coach who has your best interest. Someone who cares about your success, and isn't afraid to give you some tough love when you need it most. 

My style of coaching is very much fierce, with a side of bubbly. I'm all about results + outcomes.
I love to challenge you, push you to feel your fear and do it anyway- but yet I'm right there to celebrate your success (big and small), with you!



What does my coaching focus on?

Next Level Confidence.
+ Results.

More specifically...

  • Transforming your old habits + patterns into winning habits
  • Uncovering the stories, beliefs, and thoughts holding you back from experiencing next level results
  • Increasing your confidence and self conviction (know without a doubt you're unstoppable)
  • Creating more space for flow in your life (balance between feminine energy and masculine hustle)
  • Setting clear and tangible goals that are aligned with your values + actionable steps to make them happen
  • Developing a mindset that will allow you to perform at your best and get to that next level
  • Accountability to ensure you follow through and take big, bold action


When is it Time to Hire a Mindset Coach?

When you're ready to fully commit and go to the next level. 
It's really as simple as that. 




What Type of Clients do I Work With?

Highly Motivated Female Entrepreneurs and Athletes

More specifically, women who are...

  • Action Takers
  • Highly Motivated
  • Committed to making big changes
  • Fun loving, yet hard working
  • Coachable + ready to dive deep. 


Coaching is one of the most valuable tools you can utilize. It’s an investment in yourself, and it can produce some of the highest returns. If you're fully ready to see shifts and experience massive growth, coaching will fast- track your progress. I know because I continually invest in myself and in my next level.



Get started with a 30-minute chat, where we can explore what you're looking to get support with, and decide whether my 1:1 coaching program is the right fit for you.




Love From My Ambitious Clients




"Working with Tonya has been absolutely life changing for me. When I first started working with her, I was completely unfocused with the direction I wanted to take my business and was struggling with gaining traction.  I have been able to completely revamp my brand, create programs for my clients that I am obsessed with and have finally solidified a business I love.

My mindset and business is completely transformed and I feel like I have everything I need to go forth in the world and be the business woman I always envisioned I could be. I highly recommend working with Tonya if you want to up-level your entire life!" 

Audane Leger; Blogger & Business Coach



Enrolling in Tonya’s money mindset course was life changing. Even before I started signing clients or making money in my business, she taught me how to trust money again and invite it into my life. 
Not even two weeks later, I signed my first two clients and blew my money goal out of the water!

If you’ve been looking for someone to get in your head, release your blocks, and get you moving forward in your biz, Tonya {the Mindset Queen} is your girl. 

She helped me hit my first 10k month with a single question of “why not?” She makes hitting those huge goals so fun and so easy!

Megan Cahak; Success Coach



"Working with Tonya was the best thing I've ever done to uplevel my mindset.

My self-confidence has skyrocketed and I am able to put myself out in the online space in ways I was previously terrified to do.

Even my husband commented on my newfound confidence!

When you radiate confidence and a can-do attitude, you become unstoppable, and that is what Tonya is so beautifully skilled at helping her clients do."

Christina Chambers
Aromatherapist + Heart and Soul Coach



Ready to take the leap and get the support and accountability you need?



Let's connect, follow me on Instagram for more inspo:

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