From Winning an Olympic Medal to Becoming a Visionary Business Leader with Samantha Peszek

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In Episode 5 of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with Olympic Silver Medalist & NCAA Champion, Samantha Peszek.

Samantha Peszek is an Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion and 3x NCAA Champion.
After retiring from Gymnastics in 2015, Samantha started Beam Queen Bootcamp, a camp where she helps young gymnasts gain confidence and understand judging on the balance beam. She is also the Co-creator of @thegympire, and most recently, a Sports Broadcaster.


  • The moment she was named to the USA Olympic Team and everything that lead up to it

  • Her take on ‘pressure’ and how to handle it (like a CHAMP)

  • The power of visualization and understanding your mental talk

  • Pursuing her passion beyond competition and what her life looks like since retiring from Gymnastics

  • Controlling the controllables (how hard you work and how bad you want it vs. natural talent)

  • Staying true to yourself and dealing with self sabotaging thoughts when it comes to social media

  • Why she’s fortunate to have experienced the lows just as much as the highs and what each of those experiences taught her

  • and so much more!

A true love for the sport, a competitive mindset and
a drive and passion like no other.

I think that women should 1 million percent compete with other women, and women should 1 million percent compete with men. I think iron sharpens iron.
— Samantha Peszek