Envisioning The Life You Want with Ange Simson

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In Episode 2 of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with Ange Simson, Founder of The Gratitude Project.

Angela Simson is a female health + happiness coach, writer and speaker.  She is the creator of The Gratitude Project blog which inspires thousands of women to step into their light and live their best life.  Angela is also the mind behind 30 DAYS OF SELF CARE and THE GRATITUDE TRANSFORMATION and has added cacao filled joy into many kitchens with her recipe book TREAT YOUR TASTEBUDS.  Through her time as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Angela has coached dozens of women personally through her private coaching practice and hundreds more with her online program.  


Angela is one hundred percent committed to giving women the tools to completely change their lives through small acts of gratitude, tweaks in nourishing their bodies and the power to create what they desire in their relationships, career and personal lives.



- the breakdown that inspired her to get started

- how she's built a strong and loyal community of over 50,000 followers on Instagram and her advice for those just getting started

- what her biggest challenge has been since starting her online business and how she's dealt with it

- the #1 thing she contributes her success to and why it's had such an impact on her business growth

along with so much more!

The Power of Online Courses and Understanding Your Numbers with Sarah King

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In Episode 9 of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with

On this Episode of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with Passive Income Expert, Sarah King.

Sarah King is the co-founder (along with her husband, Dillon) of By creating and selling courses, Sarah and her husband have made over a million dollars in sales while working less than 5 hours/week! As a mom of (almost) 4 kids under 4, Sarah is so thankful for her business, because it has allowed her husband to leave his 9-5 job, and has given her the freedom to be a fully present mom while still making an impact in the world as an entrepreneur.

After experiencing this success, Dillon and Sarah have become committed to supporting others in creating + selling their own courses. Dillon and Sarah believe that everyone knows something that others would pay to learn. Their signature program, Launch, helps entrepreneurs find "their thing" and monetize that knowledge through their own online course. Dillon and Sarah have made it their goal to remove the mystery of making money online. They believe anyone who is willing to work hard for a freedom lifestyle, should have the tools to make it happen.

Learn more about their business model (including a detailed financial breakdown) in their free video series.

Get their free video series here:



Why Starting With LOVE Will Never Fail Your Business with Linda Bello

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In Episode 2 of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with one of her biz/ real life besties, Linda Bello.

Linda is a New York born and raised Online Business Mentor who helps entrepreneurs create more freedom and income in their online businesses doing the work they love. 

Coming from a large Italian family she knew the typical "work your way up to a 9-5" lifestyle wouldn't serve her - family was too important.  So ever since she was a little girl she was on a quest to make freedom work for her - and the way she would get there was by becoming an entrepreneur. After dipping her toes in various entrepreneurial paths she finally found her love in online mentoring.

With her online mentoring business she was able to double her 9-5 income in just two months and now not only does she get to do what she loves - she gets to focus on what matters most - family.

During the weekday you can find her taking hikes with her husband, daughter, and dog, and fitting in work with her clients in-between.

She's been featured by the Huffington Post and has helped 100's of entrepreneurs fall in love with their work and leave their 9-5’s.

I always had that drive and that hunger behind me that knew that I was going do something that I absolutely loved and adored, and I kept searching for that.
— Linda Bello, Online Business Mentor


  • The power of curiosity, and how that lead to becoming an Entrepreneur

  • Why LOVE is always at the centre of Linda’s business and why she believes it’s so important for others, too

  • The hardest thing about Entrepreneurship thus far

  • How to bring more of “you” into the online space and how to overcome the fear of vulnerability

  • How to stay true to yourself when comparison creeps in

  • and so much more!