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H E Y T H E R E! I' M T O N Y A!

Your vibrant and ambitious Mindset Coach.

I'm a down to earth, free- spirited visionary who truly believes anything is possible when we have the courage and confidence to go after it.
My passion lies within helping women find the confidence within to
feel their fears and pursue their big dreams.




I spent 50+ hours a week as a Marketing Professional in the corporate world. 
I spent a lot of my days dreaming about a life and a career that involved making a way bigger impact than I was making. I dreamt of waking up excited to make a difference. as much as I loved my boss, and my role, something just felt like it was missing on a deeper level.


I REMEMBER my best friend calling me out…

i was telling her how I felt about my job, and how I kinda wanted to go back to waitressing at the Golf course (as crazy as that sounded) so that I could figure out what i really wanted to do.

and she called me out. “why don’t you set a date and just go for it then?”

I remember feeling so excited at the thought of that, yet at the same time, scared shitless.

i decided i was going to do it, and Throughout my search for something more aligned with my values, I stumbled across online coaching and became immediately drawn to it. 

[ Growing up I played competitive soccer and believe that's where I first realized the power of my mindset. ]

So, I hired a mentor (as scary as that was), and knew in my heart, I was one step closer to becoming the girl I was always meant to be. The girl who paves her own path, and doesn't settle for anything less than AMAZING!


I had built an online business full of passion. i was waking up doing something i loved, something that challenged me but yet brought me so much happiness and fulfillment.

I realized early on that I have a gift at seeing through the "stories" and surface level BS we tend to feed ourselves + have a natural ability to identify the real story holding someone back. The fact I get to do exactly that for a living is so incredible.

My entrepreneurship journey has taught me that we truly have the power to create our future, when we get out of our own way! I encourage every ambitious dreamer to feel their fear and do it anyways!

2+ years later, I run a successful online business helping other female leaders uncover the limits they've placed on themselves, both consciously and subconsciously, while completely transforming their self-confidence. 

I feel grateful for the clients and women I've been able to meet through this business, and can't wait to see what's possible for you too...